Saturday, 22 March 2014

Stop Others from using your WiFi

Stop your colleagues, friends, from using wifi internet: 

Download these two applications from below

  1. Now extract the rar file 
  2.  After it you will see there 2 files - NetCut and NetworkWatcher
  3.  Run the NetCut.exe
  4.  Follow steps shown (Just click Next... Next... Next... Install)
  5.  After it finishes you will see another Installer of WinPcap with it also do step 5
  6.  Then it will ask to restart do if you want or don't.
  7.  Now run netcut from your desktop.
  8.  After you will see a list of ip's and their usernames.
  9.  Now start the another application from extracted folder - NetworkWatcher.exe
  10. In it you will see all other devices connected to your network form there get the Ip and Mac of user you want to stop Internet
  11. Now in NetCut select that ip address and simply click on 2nd button(CutOff).

Hooray you are done.